Four ways to keep your creativity at maximum level

Pretty simple thing. We are creative people, therefore our creativity, combined with our skills and emotions are the main tools to write music. If we feel that our creativity level is falling, we tend to think that the music we write is not good enough, triggering our emotions, activating a total fallout of our skills. Here are three way to keep your creativity at a maximum level.

Stop thinking – take action

The most confusing point of it all. Don’t make the mistake and stare on your empty arranging window or staff paper and tell yourself that you don’t feel creative today. It is basically like using your foot to block a door while trying to open it with your hand.

How to stop it? Just start writing something! It absolutely doesn’t matter what as long as you get into it! Stop the thinking and start the process!

Once again, become aware that thoughts create actions. You tell yourself that you feel unproductive today and poof … of course you will feel unproductive, because you just told it to yourself!

Do a little test: Sit back, start to smile artificially, keep going for 60 to 90 seconds in one bit (don’t interrupt it) and suddenly feel happier or even start laughing naturally.

Why does that happen? To keep it simple for now: If you experience a funny situation and you start laughing, specific muscles hit specific nerves in your face, triggering your brain to pour out the desired chemicals to lighten up your mood. By laughing artificially you basically reverse what’s happening naturally!

Therefore, stop thinking and start writing, because by getting into the process you trigger your creativity!

Stop your self doubt and lower your expectations

A little personal story first: One day I was writing a license track in the style of rock, pop and punk. Once I was finished, I wasn’t really pleased with the results and thought about simply deleting the project. I felt like this wouldn’t go anywhere but sent if off anyway.

Once the track got published it turned out to be a full success. Not only was it a Number 1 track on that platform for several years. It also paid 3/4 of my rent for around the same amount of time!

Disregarding if I thought that this track didn’t represent my full capabilities, it nonetheless was a full success, everyone liked it and it was well received!

Since we are at it: Ever experienced the situation of declaring a new track to be the “most awesome piece of music you have ever written!!!!!!!1111one” … but in the end, it was rejected, no one liked it or it simply wasn’t successful?

See, this is the problem! Everyone else perceives your creations different than you do. Simply because by perceiving your own finished track you also remember the process to create it and be aware of all your skills, doubts and thoughts. Everyone else just hears the result, because everything else doesn’t matter in this situation!

So, stop your self doubt, lower your expectations and be creative!

There are other things than music

To be honest, every time I hear words like: “Without music I would be lost” … or … “If I wouldn’t be able to do music, I wouldn’t know what to do with my life” I somehow have to roll my eyes a little bit.

Simply because you are actually limiting yourself with a statement like this and no matter how passionate or committing that looks on your social media status post, it may be about time to find something else you love in order to distance yourself to find your full creativity again!

No matter how much music is your passion and no matter if your only purpose in life is to be a great composer, your brain doesn’t distinct how it becomes exhausted! Assuming you do only things you like, it doesn’t matter if the only thing you are doing is to write music or … play video games!

Now you may say “Oh come on, really? You compare playing games with writing music? What is wrong with you?” … think about it for a second:

When you play games you sit in front of a screen for hours, pressing buttons on a controller!

When you write music you sit in front of a screen for hours, pressing buttons of a controller!

So, where is the difference?

Yes, there are more creative processes going on while writing music and it’s obviously more productive than playing games, but if you do the same thing over and over again without having at least some other hobby or something you like doing, you are damaging your creativity on the long run!

Another example: I live in Hamburg, Germany and every time I am out for a walk, I am surrounded by beautiful canals, passing by ships and bridges … and with this being said, I clearly remember one specific moment:

While I was taking my daily walk which happened to be the same route over and over again, I somehow wondered why there were so many people suddenly taking pictures at the Alster Park and seemingly enjoyed the scenery … until I realized that they were tourists.

So in short, the scenery which became natural to me, triggered people into traveling thousands of kilometers in order to enjoy the same.

Sometimes it is simply important to not lose perspective!

A few more things worth mentioning

Of course, a lack of creativity can be triggered due to a lot of other issues which would make this post explode. If you feel that the above mentioned points don’t really cut it, please feel free to sign up for my free course LifeBuff mini dealing with essential building blocks such as building self confidence, stress relief, becoming mindful, basic nutrition or how to stop worrying.

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Just give it a shot! Remember, we are composers, we tend to spend 299 USD or more on a string library, which let’s you create strings sounds … to only buy the next one six month later.

So, why not sign up to something which is free and could change your entire life!?

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