Four ways to keep your creativity at maximum level

Pretty simple thing. We are creative people, therefore our creativity, combined with our skills and emotions are the main tools to write music. If we feel that our creativity level is falling, we tend to think that the music we write is not good enough, triggering our emotions, activating a total fallout of our skills. […]

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Get into the Five Day Meditation Challenge!

Did you ever experience a meditation session which has been exclusively done for creative minds of the audio industry, accompanies you during one full workweek and reminds you to take off a few moments from work to reboot your brain on a daily basis? No? Me neither! That’s why I sat down and created one! […]

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SonicTonic – Sounds to make life better

In this post I wanted to drive your attention to a very helpful smartphone app, I recently got the opportunity to extensively test and use. The app I am talking about is called SonicTonic and was founded by Sound Branding Consultant and Receptive Sound Therapy Specialist John Groves and his team. You can check out […]

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