The Ultimate Music Composer’s Daily Planner

Finally, the audio world is witnessing the birth of “The Ultimate Music Composer’s Daily Planner”! We can all take a deep breath now, the difficult times are over! To be serious for a minute, I sat down for a bit and created this daily planner for the aspiring or professional composer, to have all the […]

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Five Ways To Be A More Efficient Music Composer

Sometimes deadlines are tight, and work has to get done. Without much of an introduction, let’s jump right into the topic! Here are five ways to be a more efficient music composer! Templates & Presets The most efficient thing you can do is to prepare DAW templates. Since times have changed, in my opinion, “one […]

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Creativity Boosters: Never a blank screen anymore!

To be honest I experienced this many times and you probably too! Sitting in front of the screen and not being able to squeeze out a tiny little note sequence which is worth being processed! So, let me introduce you to Creativity Boosters: Never a blank screen anymore! Let’s face it for a moment: The […]

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