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The Ultimate Music Composer’s Daily Planner

Finally, the audio world is witnessing the birth of “The Ultimate Music Composer’s Daily Planner”! We can all take a deep breath now, the difficult times are over! To be serious for a minute, I sat down for a bit and created this daily planner for the aspiring or professional composer, to have all the […]

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Five Ways To Be A More Efficient Music Composer

Sometimes deadlines are tight, and work has to get done. Without much of an introduction, let’s jump right into the topic! Here are five ways to be a more efficient music composer! Templates & Presets The most efficient thing you can do is to prepare DAW templates. Since times have changed, in my opinion, “one […]

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Three Reasons Why You Should Share Your Production Secrets

You wouldn’t believe how many emails I received during the last years in which aspiring composers told me that I was one of the few who replied to their questions about producing music or how to start in the audio industry. Also, I met quite a few producers and composers telling me that they would […]

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Why audio people do it wrong on social media

In this article I will talk about some very important points on why composers, sound designers and audio people in general do it wrong on social media! Assuming you want to become successful, make yourself a name in the industry or simply want to sell your products, there is more than “Hi, like my page. […]

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Creativity Boosters: Never a blank screen anymore!

To be honest I experienced this many times and you probably too! Sitting in front of the screen and not being able to squeeze out a tiny little note sequence which is worth being processed! So, let me introduce you to Creativity Boosters: Never a blank screen anymore! Let’s face it for a moment: The […]

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4 best brain foods for creative people

In order to create music and sound, we not only need to eat to provide our body with necessary resources, we also should look forward to additionally support our neurogenesis: The process by which nervous system cells, known as neurons, are produced by neural stem cells! To keep it simple, this process is necessary: to boost cognitive functions for […]

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Six reasons you shouldn’t become a composer

In case you make use of these strategies, you should stay away from becoming a composer, because even if you make it into the industry, you won’t become successful anyway! Here are six reasons you shouldn’t become a composer. 1. Instant page like requests Isn’t it tempting? So many things … pardon me, people you […]

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Why Basic Psychology is Important to solve emotional problems

In this blog post I simply wanted to share an introduction video lecture of my LifeBuff Pro course. The subject of Basic Psychology is so very important to understand at least 90% of your emotional struggles! If you would like to learn more about the full course, you can check it out here: LifeBuff Pro […]

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